Success Stories


Challenges we have faced and implemented successfully

Mahou San Miguel - AMR

Now that the operation is working successfully, I´m very proud to share with you that six months ago, the pioneer companies 3CO Logistic SolutionsID Logistics EspañaMahou San Miguel and Hikrobot converted the ´what if…´ breakthrough mindset into a reality and a full LEAN process. 3co proposed to IDL to implement a disruptive solution in the Mahou San Miguel operation with a combination of picking stations, vacuum lifts and 6 Hik AMRs (that traditionally were used with a limited scope to move products from one point to another) and developed a sophisticated software that allowed us to overcome the enormous challenges that transformed into results:

.  Exponential increase of productivity
.  Ergonomic: Reduced manual work intensity by 75%
.  45-55% of the cases are not touched
.  Real-time productivity information
.  Double quality controls using IA data
.  Decreased walking steps to 0%: The work force doesn’t move from the picking station
.  Low learning curve (from days to hours)

How this works: There is a buffer with empty and full pallets with beer stock that the AMRs bring to the stations for the preparation. When done, the AMRs move the ready ones into the automatic wrapping machines and from there to the loading area.
The system is supported by a complex software and algorithm that optimizes the preparation by matching the best combinations of orders, cases and stock during the preparation- at the end, less than 50% of the cases are touched. Every person is preparing 3 orders at the time and visual screens act as the guide for the preparation and quality controls, also supported by IA systems (Hik cameras) for a double verification and productivity measurement in real time.

The AMRs are very efficient by optimizing and reducing all movement in the warehouse.