We apply our software to machines that reduce human dependence, increase production capacity, reduce space, and accelerate deliveries.

AMRs and FMRs-RTP (Autonomous Mobile Robots)

RTS (Robot to Sorting Systems)

HIPICK Low-cost, fast-to-deploy intelligent automatic warehouses

TSORTER and V SORTERS to easily classify and sequence deliveries

PTL Put to light systems for intensive unit picking processes

Increase productivity from +50% to 300%

Visual bots


Artificial vision systems that analyze, measure performance, automate control in operations, and ensure quality. A real paradigm shift.

VISUAL CHECK: oriented to quality control

VISUAL COUNTER: Productivity control

VISUAL TRACE: oriented to process traceability

VISUAL MECANICS: oriented to the control of the operation of installations

Decrease of 40% in quality errors

Tecnología de software


Development and integration of Ad hoc Software resulting in solutions

Smart software for automatic warehouses

Software for Dark Stores

Operations management software using AMRs (autonomous mobile robots)

Visual interfaces


Simulations of Complex systems

Supporting the other rwo pilars

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